Neil’s tutoring really helped get me through corporate finance during my EMBA program; at some point in life everyone can really use a coach, and Neil helped push me into the world of NPVs and WACCs. I’m glad I had his help.

Damien Fox

General Manager, Phoenix Geophysics

“Neil demonstrates the knowledge, patience and dedication that is required of an exceptional tutor. His ability to teach and reinforce concepts for effective problem-solving in finance has been invaluable both inside and outside the classroom setting. I highly recommend Neil Lindsay for finance tutoring.”

L. Nelson

MBA Candidate 2005

Neil’s greatest asset is his patience. Neil is great at communicating concepts in simple ways but, more importantly, can do so in different ways. Thus, if one way does not turn the proverbially financial light bulb on, another way will. He is extremely reliable (usually showing up before his students do) and is flexible when he is needed urgently (i.e. day before the exam). He has, on more than one occasion, given up his weekend for me. I cannot truly think of any negative things to say (and I usually like to add one even in a positive recommendation to maintain objectivity).”

S. Hayes

MBA Candidate 2005

“My name is Jonathan Elias and I am second year MBA student at the University of Toronto (Rotman). Last year Neil was my tutor for Finance and he was fantastic. He is knowledgeable about the material and is extremely patient, which I found to be very helpful during exam times. I cannot tell you how important it is to maintain a level of understanding in order for you not to fall too far behind if you are encountering problems. The course is extremely intensive and it is very difficult to keep up with everything. As such, Neil is an asset for any first year MBA student and I can tell you from experience that you will not find a better tutor.”

Jonathan Elias

Mr. Lindsay took the time to listen to my finance questions and made sure that I not only understand the specific concept but also get a deeper understanding of the broader topic. In addition to unraveling difficult financial and mathematical problems, Neil has the talent to take complex problems, break them down into their simpler components, and get non-financial people to understand them. I certainly enjoyed Neil’s tutoring services and would recommend him to my colleagues.

Saeid Babaei

Executive Director, AngioCell

“I worked with Neil when he offered tutoring services and extra lectures to Rotman Executive MBA students in the area of finance with a focus on valuation, risk and M&A. I was always confident when I referred a student to Neil that they would be in good hands and feel that their investment in extra help was well-worth it. I would continue to recommend Neil’s services.”

Kristen Ligers

Director, Rotman School of Management

I returned to school after a 13-year hiatus. Deciding that I would benefit most from attending graduate school on a fulltime basis, I resigned my position and dived head first into my MBA program. My first semester of graduate school was proving to be extremely challenging in many different ways, with my Finance course being the most demanding.

My fellow MBA colleagues were on differing schedules, making group study nearly impossible. Out of desperation, I sought tutoring advice, and found a tutor online. I had never experienced this form of help before, and I was skeptical tutoring could be accomplished successfully online and with someone in a different country!

To prove how skeptical I was, he and I made a pact: If he helped me and I received an ‘A’ in Finance, I would take him to dinner when I traveled to Canada over Christmas vacation. If I did not receive an ‘A’, HE would have to treat me! Thinking I was a lost cause and I was going to get a very expensive dinner out of the situation, we pressed on with the content. I found myself not only understanding the concepts of Finance, but
also enjoying the course.

Not only did I earn an ‘A’ in the course, I was in terrific shape for successive courses that built upon Finance concepts. I recently graduated first in class with my MBA and was inducted into the Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society for achieving high marks overall in the program.

I would NOT have done this without Neil’s help! Neil was always prompt for appointments, and never failed to be courteous and patient when I seemed to be stumbling for content understanding. He truly is an expert in his field. I would not be where I am today if it were not for his assistance.

Thank you Neil!!!

Jennifer Laster, B.A. (’89), M.B.A. (’04)

Partner, Business Consultant Anova Business Analysts, LLC

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